30. lokakuuta 2014

tbt (30.10.2014)

Oh boy!
It's summer, this summer. Or should I say "last summer"? Well, any way, I'm referring to t h a t summer that we had like less than fours months ago here. I'm sunbathing. And my sister's dog, mr. Ukko, is sitting o n me!

We had a nice walk earlier that day. It was so sunny and hot that I felt like sucking some Sun in. I even had a blanket put in the shadow, for mr. Ukko. But, as you can see in the pic, he's sitting on me. There we were: me trying to get some Sun, mr. Ukko wanting to sit on me.

23. lokakuuta 2014

tbt (23.10.2014)

I got this few days back.
It was shot at Hämeenkadun appro exactly two weeks ago.
As you can see in the pic we all had huge smiles on our faces. I don't know if it was just because drinks were for free, or we had an adequate excuse to attend this student party. Us adults, erm...

You can look Hämeenkadun appro up at http://www.hameenkadunappro.fi/in-english/.

21. lokakuuta 2014

Selfie (an Ode to the Summer)

Yesterday I felt like summer (for like a second) while having Ray-Bans on.
I may put them back on to feel, like, an endless summer.

#selfie #badhairday #specs #ray-ban

16. lokakuuta 2014

tbt (16.10.2014)

Last Saturday.
A friend of mine bought a new sofa. We had a sofa warming party.
I really did feel like partying all night long but, then, I fell asleep at midnight.
Thanks, gurls!

Oh, whatever makes her happy on a Saturday night,

Oh, whatever makes her happy, whatever makes it alright
We'll go to peepshows and freaks shows,
We'll go to discos, casinos,
We'll go where people go and let go

Suede: Saturday Night

8. lokakuuta 2014

tbt (9.10.2014)

It looks like I'm having a lot of fun (few months back).
And, indeed, I am!
I got my driver's license when I was like 19. I got my license during the winter time, and I just didn't drive. I was afraid of the icy roads, snow, and all that. Now I love driving my dad's Jeep Grand Cherokee! But don't let this pic fool you. I'm a girl with many talents: I can drive a scooter, too (no matter what). And safety comes first even if I (you) look like a dork. Remember that, fool!

ps this one's for you, my dear sister Marika! You were the most hardcore Scooter fan that I know.

1. lokakuuta 2014

tbt (2.10.2014)

It's me!
It's my two teeth!
And my big (huge!) smile.

My mom told me that I didn't like to just sit down and have my pictures taken when I was a kid. *) That's why you cannot see the summer hat my mom knitted me in the picture (and she knitted it especially for that special day in my (special) life). I still have that dress hanging in my closet at my parents. **) But we haven't seen that hat ever since.

*) This applies to my day-to-day life even today...
**) I can show it if you like.