26. maaliskuuta 2015

tbt (26.3.2015)

It's Thursday again.
This Thursday I want to take you to the streets of Munich, Germany. We are leaving for clubbing and I definitely look wasted. I don't remember when this shot was taken, maybe five, six or seven years ago. But I think I still look the same when wasted.

21. maaliskuuta 2015

Hockey Time (#hoki #kiakko)

I went to a hockey game a couple of days back. It was almost as I remembered: freezing fingers, sitting on totally uncomfortable seats, and not having a cold beer between rounds. But this time it w_a_s a bit different: it was Ilves boys playing for the finals. There was so much speed and skill on the ice that I wouldn't have known the difference if it had been two league teams competing with each other.

First goal was seen something like 40 seconds after the game really started. 0-1.
The game ended 2-4, and HPK is now playing in the finals.
I'm not too skilled with posting a video here. I do hope you are able to watch it. And hear people talking about the game next to me. Thanks guys!

ps I got my cold beer after the game.

Leaving for the game

19. maaliskuuta 2015

tbt (18.3.2015)

My so called business look. I mean now that I'm back in the business meeting customers and potential investors I should, for at least, try and look all sharp and ready to go. Well, that might not be the case, yet... I took this photo yesterday just to have some proof. I had just finished brushing my teeth, and my colleague sent me an sms "am already here waiting". F**k! He was six minutes early and... here's the result.

And I did take that scarf off. It looked stupid.

16. maaliskuuta 2015

Selfie (B O O M)

Yeah, baby, yeah!
I saw the very first bare legs today. And it's still like winter here in Finland. Or is it?
Since the Sun was shining warmly enough in the morning I decided to go for my spring coat. It wasn't my brightest idea but some how I survived - here where polar bears walk on the streets and the sky isn't like anywhere else.

This is my spring look, kinda. And hell with it! I was tired as hell and just wanted to have a photo of my cool (the coolest!) coat. It's Maloja and I luv it!

13. maaliskuuta 2015

My Music, My Jukebox: Ash

I was studying in Uppsala, Sweden, back in 2002. Seeing Ash at Göta Källare in Stockholm was a must. I was all prepared: tickets, my friend, my camera with an empty roll of film... So, when the gig started I was all ready. But suddenly my Ixus died. It didn't work, it just was n_o_t working. So I've got only a handful of photos from that gig which pretty much sucks.

But, later we got to meet the band. And had some drinks. And I guess that the, um, after-party was at Gondolen. But any way, I had so much fun.

I chose here two songs from my favorite Irish band (and, yeah, I know U2 is also local): Petrol (released as the second single from their 1994 album Trailer) and Oh Yeah (taken from their album 1977 released in 1996).

I've got quite a collection...
Mark Hamilton (bass, synthesizer)
Tim Wheeler (lead vocals, lead guitar, keyboards)
I had the setlist framed

"I sometimes wish it was that summer again
I still see her in my sleep
And hear the sighing of the summer wind
Still I don't regret one thing"

Ash: Oh Yeah

11. maaliskuuta 2015

tbt (12.3.2015)

With this I want to thank mr. Bruuttus for changing my life forever. You are one special horse, you are.

"All I pay my psychiatrist is the cost of feed and hay, and he'll listen to me any day."