27. marraskuuta 2012

Grinning At the Dentist

My bf (photoshopped)
Are you afraid of dentists? Admit it!

I have this love-hate relationship with dentists. When I was a kid my family lived in a small village (my parents still do). Once a year a taxi took us schoolkids to the dentist. It was so much fun being in a taxi - I want the front seat! But, then, at the dentist I could smell the chemicals and hear the equipment - omg! Then I got the chills, and went on to brush my teet. And then they called my name and I almost fainted.

If I got a sticker - well done, no dental caries. If I didn't - bad luck, I definitely had dental caries. There were times when I got a sticker but there were also times when they didn't give me a sticker. If they didn't give me a sticker it meant one more taxi drive for me. And more sweat and anxiety.

A couple of years ago I got my wisdom teeth pulled off. It hurt like hell. I mean one of my wisdom teeth was just pulled off, two of them were actually broken into my mouth, and then collected one piece after another. I still have one wisdom tooth left in my mouth. It's so "up" in my mouth that it cannot be removed. Otherwise they would get a piece of my brain to go with the wisdom tooth, as well. Yeah, I have got a brain, and I have some proof - how about you?!

I went to the dentist early this morning. I was so scared that I almost cried.

Last Saturday I was eating nuts and suddenly felt something strange in my mouth (sic)... It was a piece of amalgam (that I swallowed later on). So, I had to get that fixed at the dentist. But, contrary to my expectations, it was a very pleasant incident. The dentist was very nice and made me feel calm. The operation itself took about 15 minutes. She also did an "annual" checkup - no dental caries, no need to worry. And I got to choose a sticker. I took one with a horse on it. Thank you Dr. Järvinen. It was my pleasure! (In photos you see all kinds of teeth...)

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