25. helmikuuta 2013

the Killers (and parallel parking)

In less than a day I'll be sitting in a car heading to Helsinki.

Do you know why? ’cause me and my sister are about to see the Killers at Hartwall Areena (Helsinki). OMG! Yes! I love life! I better start looking for my the Killers t-shirt that I got last time they played here in Finland (haven’t worn it ever since - just to keep it safe).

If it were for me we would’ve not seen that gig in 2007 (omg, s i x years ago). 

I was driving my sister’s car all the way from Tampere to Helsinki, which was fine by me. We were listening to the band and having a lot of fun already. Then, when we got to Helsinki we started looking for a place to park. We actually managed to find one spot, just right behind Jäähalli. That spot was so tiny, in between two cars, that it didn’t almost exist. 

I haven’t done any ”parallel parking” since driving school (and, yep, I do have a license). And on that particular day, in such a hurry and excitement, I just didn’t know how to get that damn car in that damn spot. And I didn’t.

My sister was yelling (and sitting comfortably on her seat), giving me directions, and telling that there were already cars behind us waiting. I was all sweating, and almost cried to be honest. Then I just turned to my sister and (kindly?) asked her to give it a try, instead. It didn’t take more than two minutes, and we were on our way to see the gig (having our car parked just like they teach at the driving school). 

If it were for me we would still be there, right behind Jäähalli, parking our car!

Have an awesome gig, guys! I'm sure I will!

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