17. kesäkuuta 2013

Fresh Cherries (for Breakfast)

I've got a cherry tree at my parents' garden. It's been growing there for like twenty years already. But, no, no cherries yet. First (ten) winters were brutal: bad, bad, bad hares ate my cherry tree almost to death. Me and my mom did try to protect our precious but, some how, hares kicked our ass. But, now, that we've really put some serious extra effort in having fresh cherries straight from our garden, my cherry tree has finally grown into - a very large bush.

I don't know if we ever get fresh cherries other than those that we buy at stores but, hey, it's great having a cherry tree (bush) any way.

Pictured here my breakfast - fresh cherries. I hate those canned cherries that you still see on birthday cakes. They taste terrible, like rubber.

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