1. heinäkuuta 2013

My B-day

It's my b-day tomorrow. I couldn't wait 'til tomorrow...
Almost all my friends already know this but let me tell it one more time:

When I was born it was just a terrible, terrible day: summer storm! And I cried and cried and cried - all alone in that room where they take babies once they are born. And I was there all alone since only I was born on that particular day in that particular city.

Well, I've got a baby sister. She was m y baby, m y doll. She was my everything (and still is). When she was born it was sunny, a Mother's Day. I guess she was just smiling at my mom and the nurses... At that time my dad was somewhere in the woods doing something what men do in the woods (don't ask me, I was only 4 years old). I was, on the other hand, at my grandma's place on that Mother's Day. And I wanted to tell my dad that I got a new doll. And I did that!

I ran away. But, luckily enough, my grandma found me a little later. I was stuck in a muddy field, poor me. When my grandma found me she grabbed my arm and started pulling. I lost my rubber boots in the mud, and she washed me in the ditch next to us.

You can leave your b-day wishes below, thanks!

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