19. elokuuta 2013


You know what?!

When I was a kid I had a friend three years older than me. (I'm referring to her also here http://apinkglove.blogspot.fi/2013/07/me-cheek-you-cheek.html.) Only three years, you might ask. Yeah, three years. When you are six and your best friend is nine it's like having an older sister you never had. Or, maybe even better, you have some sort of a role model. Someone you can really look up to.

Well, thanks to this friend of mine I still have Cocktail on a cassette. And on a VHS. 
I've seen that movie like a hundred times, and can still remember...well... I just loved her! I thought that Elizabeth Shue was like the most beautiful girl in the world. I wanted to look just like her. Never happened. But I still have my memories, and will definitely watch Cocktail tonight on TV.

Promise me to watch this trailer (and maybe think of me). It's my fave (and, yeah, my mom let me watch the whole movie). <3

PS Yes, one mojito, please!

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