31. lokakuuta 2013


I've felt rather nostalgic for the past few days. First, I didn't know why. But then I realized it!
I've been listening to New Order for the whole week. And, then I remember that particular summer - summer of 2002! It was back then that I saw New Order playing at Hultsfred in Sweden.

We were a punch of exchange students from Germany, Italy, Canada, and Finland partying and listening to awesome bands for the whole weekend. During that weekend I saw some of my  favourites such as New Order, Turbonegro, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Suede. Gosh - now I almost feel like I've totally forgotten the whole festival...

Here's something that reminds me of friendship, that feeling of having fun, sleeping in a van, and being so close... That's me on the left. You can almost see my piercing on my chin.

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