1. joulukuuta 2013

I'm Frustrated

Man, I'm frustrated by the fact that, in this world, there is so much amazing music that I won't ever hear in my entire life! And that is killing me. Do you know what I'm talking 'bout?

Until recently I rejected Spotify as a way of listening to music. I thought that my collection of music was all that I needed. That I got myself covered. But, then, I signed up for Spotify. And my life changed for good! I found myself traipsing in all sorts of music collections; browsing new playlists and highlights. And finding new artists and bands that I've never heard of before. (Plus some of my very favorites that I've forgotten(!) along the way, of course.)

Not only has my life changed but also my way of listening to music has had its rebirth. Now I take my favorite artists with me almost everywhere. Before hooking up with Spotify I only listened to music while at home (or in my dad's car). Now I take my music everywhere I go. And I dig it.

So, now you know that I finally got my very own Spotify account. This is not to promote Spotify but to tell you that if you see me stretching my hips while walking on the streets I'm just listening to my music.

(btw, you can follow me on Spotify. You find me by my name. And I can always give you a follow!)

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