19. joulukuuta 2013

tbt (19.12.2013)

It's that time of the week, again.
Now it's time to give some love to my dear cat, Aune. I had her for almost 15 years by my side. She was my true friend. There was no night when she didn't cuddle with me. She helped me with my homework. She always had her eyes on me. She never left home.

When I was staying in Uppsala, Sweden, in 2002, I got a phone call very early in the morning. I had been partying the whole night and was still a bit drunk when I heard my phone ringing. It was my mom. She was crying. Aune had passed away in the morning. Peacefully. 

I knew my friend was leaving for Finland in the evening. I called her and asked if I could join her. I could. The very next day we held a small funeral for Aune with my mom and dad. Everytime I pass her tombstone I cannot help but cry. She was my first love. I miss you so much, Aune!

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