8. kesäkuuta 2014

Doom Unit (#southparktre, 6.6.2014)

My festival season got started this Friday.
I haven't gone to a festival in years which is pretty bummed. I mean I'm like one of those typical festival-goers who love seeing her (his) favorite bands plus becoming acquaint with to be favorites.
To be honest I did tell my friend to make (sic) me go if I get doubts (if I decide to stay home instead). It was just a precaution.
And I didn't stay at home.

My festival mood got started with Doom Unit. It's just pure Finnish heavy metal. Doom Unit was formed in 2008 in Tampere which makes it local. Doom Unit released its first studio album in 2009, it's called Cross the Line.

At one point of the gig Johan Carlsson from the Doom Unit's fellow Swedish heavy metal band Sparzanza played the bass.

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