11. tammikuuta 2015

My Music, My Jukebox: Brainpool

As I have put in the introduction it's "my music, my stuff". I think I have neglected "my music" for quite some time, already. I don't mean it like posting a song every once in a while but in a bigger context. So, from now on I'll be introducing my favorite music, my favorite bands to be more exact. And instead of going into musical facts and lyrical statements I probably tell how I first heard of that band in question. My life is rather hectic with all the horses, work and "stuff" now so for over the next twelve months you get exactly twelve posts regarding my music, my jukebox. Sorry for that.

I start with Brainpool.
They come from Lund, Sweden, and had their share of the limelights in the mid-90s. I got my first listening on the band when both me and my sister were still living at our parents - in the mid-90s: My sister had gone to Helsinki with her class, like a field trip. She bought me my prom shoes (do you still remember Decadenz in Helsinki?) that I still have (btw). My sister later said that she only bought the Brainpool Soda album just because it was on sale and the cover of the album was cool. I gave Soda a listen and immediately fell in love. Every once in a while I still pull my Brainpool albums out of the boxes and take a trip on my memory line.

I chose here two songs: Invisible to Her (taken from their second album Painkiller) and Every Day (taken from their first album, Soda). Have a listen and make up your own mind!

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She walks the streets of our hometown
Tall and tanned and lovely and young
She passes daily by my window
I smile at her but she doesn't see
But I  know:
There is no use
When there's a chance to win I lose
Yeah I know:
I'm invisible to her

Brainpool: Invisible to Her

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