25. helmikuuta 2015

My Music, My Jukebox: Backyard Babies

Here's my second post on "my music, my jukebox". My life hasn't gone any calmer with the horses, work and "stuff" but am still trying to keep up with my promise.

I don't even remember how many years back I got this home burnt cd from a friend. It was my first introduction to the Backyard Babies. And what can I say?! I immediately felt connected with the music and that rock star way of living. True rock stars! It was a couple of years ago that I saw the Babies here in Tampere. After that they got concentrated on their side projects; Nicke Borg on his solo material and his radio show; and Dregen went on to play with Michael Monroe and eventually started working on his own solo album. But last year it was announced that the Babies will work on new music. They have also announced that their 2015 tour will kick of at Sweden Rock Festical in Sölvesborg, Sweden. A month later they will play at Ruisrock in Turku. I'll be there.

So happy to be able to wear my Backyard Babies t-shirt once again. It's not like I couldn't wear it on a daily basis. I just don't want. It's too much of a dear memory. That t-shirt.

ps Backyard Babies also come from Sweden...

I chose here two songs: Roads (taken from their album People Like People Like People Like Us released in 2006) and Say When (taken from their album Stockholm Syndrome released in 2003). Have a listen and make up your own mind!

Because life is a road that is winding and dark
But I swear 'cross my heart so are you
Life is a road that is winding and dark
But I swear 'cross my heart so are you
Now you know it's true I believe in you
Yeah you  know it's true I do care for you

Backyard Babies: Roads

ps if I was a rock star I would definitely play guitar. Just  like Nicke Borg.

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