21. maaliskuuta 2015

Hockey Time (#hoki #kiakko)

I went to a hockey game a couple of days back. It was almost as I remembered: freezing fingers, sitting on totally uncomfortable seats, and not having a cold beer between rounds. But this time it w_a_s a bit different: it was Ilves boys playing for the finals. There was so much speed and skill on the ice that I wouldn't have known the difference if it had been two league teams competing with each other.

First goal was seen something like 40 seconds after the game really started. 0-1.
The game ended 2-4, and HPK is now playing in the finals.
I'm not too skilled with posting a video here. I do hope you are able to watch it. And hear people talking about the game next to me. Thanks guys!

ps I got my cold beer after the game.

Leaving for the game

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