22. helmikuuta 2016

To the Moon

or Titanic?
People are fussing about the Moon.
I find the Moon boring. It's like I can see it up in the sky... It's like always there...

I might have asked you already but let's make it one more time:
if you were to choose would it be to the Moon or Titanic?

It's obvious to me: Titanic.
I think there have been more people to the Moon recently than to Titanic. And I don't understand why. I think Titanic is one of the most interesting places to ever visit. One of the reasons might just be so that there are not that many people who really have experienced Titanic today. I wonder why...

To me it seems so much easier reaching Titanic than the Moon. Well, hello! The Moon is, like,
385 000 kilometers away, and Titanic is just something like 4 000 kilometers deep in the ocean. And what's there on the Moon to look for? The Earth? Unlike the Moon Titanic provides us with a field of 8,0 km * 4,8 km containing hundreds of thousands of items, such as pieces of the ship, furniture and personal items. It's like a ghost town - and I like it!

If I ever want to see and feel Titanic I have to act fast. It's been estimated that within the next 50 years the hull and structure of Titanic will collapse entirely, eventually leaving only the more durable interior fittings of the ship intermingled with a pile of rust on the sea floor. And if you are ever to visit Titanic promise me not to leave your trash there. Titanic is becoming this huge landfill - just like the Moon. (sources: http://archive.archaeology.org/1205/features/titanic_shipwreck_jean_charcot_site_map.htmlhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RMS_Titanic)

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