30. joulukuuta 2011

Dingo - Lähetyssaarnaaja

I got my first glimpse at being a fan and loving music at the age of five. And, I didn’t start with no less than Finnish pop rock, Dingo. Being a fan meant something very deep for me, and had it consequences for my whole life. I mean, even in my early thirties I describe myself as a “fan”. A “fan” of music, a “fan” of bands, a “fan” of artists.

I have nothing but great memories about Dingo, being a fan. (I even got to see Dingo at my early age. I only remember drawing onto their dusty bus “<3 Johanna”. All in all, Dingo represents chiffon scarves, insurgency, tons of hair spray, and c-cassettes for me.

But, a few words about Dingo:

Dingo is a Finnish band formed around 1982 which fused Finnish melancholy with catchy rock  melodies, headed by singer Pertti Neumann (also known as Pertti Nieminen). For a few years of top success Dingo was one of the most popular Finnish rock bands and caused a phenomenon called "Dingomania" all over
Finland. (source: Wikipedia, 31.12.2011)

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