31. joulukuuta 2011

Kent - 747

Kent, one of my favourite bands ever.
“747”, makes me want to play guitar (if I only could).

I still remember my first Kent gig. It was in 1997 (Tampere, Finland). At that time people still bought their tickets at record stores (or at least I did!). Well, I went to get my ticket and saw this most amazing poster there at the record store! It was just for promotional use so they were not selling it (I did try hard persuading them). I guess they had some kind of a tradition of giving away posters after gigs, and they didn’t take reservations of any kind. What they told me was that there had already been lots and lots and lost of people wanting that particular poster! My luck…

The gig was awesome. I remember standing in the very first row – I could almost touch them! After the show I crawled (really!) on the stage trying to get as many picks as possible. My sister collected them (I don’t know if she still does). I did manage to get some… The very next day (it must have been quite early) I walked by  
t h a t record store and decided to give it a shot.

Now you must have guessed the rest: I got it! I got it!

My luck has totally changed since then but… I can always say having an authentic Kent poster (if it really matters). Enjoy!

(photo by Picture Effect Magic)

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