2. helmikuuta 2012

Winter Wonderland, part II

It's freaking freezing!

I had a walk this morning with the dog, Ukko. And nearly got a permanent blush on my cheeks - if you know what I mean... I think that I have made up my mind. Or mayde I should give it another try, another day, and another frostbite...

It was in the news that in Russia one poor sucker had had a drink (or two) in the evening, fallen asleep on the park bench, and woken up in the morning not feeling his toes. His toes were all black - and I mean b l a c k! I wonder if this homeless guy ever feels hopeless, eh.

Ukko didn't like to wear his jacket. This tough guy is greater than his history and legacy. And we all will remember him for the rest of our lives. We just must!


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