1. helmikuuta 2012

Winter Wonderland, part I

Up until now I didn't like winters. I could even say "I hated winters". Or, maybe I am totally wrong! In fact, when I was a kid I loved to ski, skate, and do all the other winter activities. My favourite sport was (and still is) ski-jumping... I never tried it but was very keen on Finnish athletes...

Then, winters became (for at least in my mind) rainy and gray. It was just like in the autumn but darker - a lot darker.
However, last year was totally a success. It was like in a postcard: "Greetings from the Winter Wonderland". Of course, it gets on ones nerves when it's like -30C (-22F) for weeks. This winter has already been "cold" with lots of snow (at least here in Tampere, Finland). It still sucks to wake up and go out in the early morning ('cause it's so dark) but, I have a confession to make: I did enjoy my walk this afternoon in the woods. The Sun was shining, it was just me and the dog (plus -18C/1F).

But, I will take up on this winter issue in my later entries. Maybe I have changed my mind, and after all, do hate winters. Or was it the opposite..

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