19. huhtikuuta 2012

Baby bunnies

I had my walk with Ukko, the dog, this morning.
Such a beautiful day, it surely was...

On our way back home Ukko noticed ”something” in the ground. I had a closer look at ”that something”, as well. And, guess what?! It was a baby brown hare, and it was bleeding in her eye! And, suddenly, I heard this terrific noise, like someone was screaming! And I saw another baby brown hare, and a maggie trying to eat her alive! I started running and that maggie got on her wings, and flew away (the nearest tree).

So, there I was with two baby bunnies, both of them bleeding in their eye. I didn’t know what else to do so I called my sis. Eventually I took the baby bunnies with me and Ukko, and walked home since I didn’t feel like leaving them there (I could still see that maggie nearby). Once I got home I put the baby bunnies in a cardboard box, and went on to look information on how to handle these kind of situations...

At that point my sis called me back, and told me that I should take the baby bunnies back where we found them at a first place, or take them to a vet to have them put into sleep. Since I had not touched them with my bare hands, and they seemed to be quite in a good condition (except for their eyes that weren’t bleeding any more) I decided to take them back.

I hid them under a tree – where I found a third baby brown hare - invulnerable! I left them all there, and I truly hope that their mom finds them, and takes a very good care of them all.

...what a day...

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