31. elokuuta 2012


”Where were you on 31 August 1997?”
Have you ever been asked that question?


”What were you doing when you heard Princess Diana was dead?”
 Do you still remember?

’cause I do. Exactly 15 years ago I was having a tremendous hang over in Zürich, Switzerland.

I still remember going to this huge palace that was decorated with tons of flowers, and candles, on the night before. People were talking and drinking delicately. They were partying, having fun. Yet, I ended up having a hang over... Too bad my memory blocked everything else. But, then on that Sunday morning I woke up (my headache was huge!), and the first thing that I heard was that Princess Diana had died in a car accident. From that on I can remember tv (all channels, I swear!) showing nothing but Princess Diana: the car crash, Paris, Dodi Fayed, paparazzi... My first thought was: this cannot happen! She is Princess Diana...

If you want you can share your memories here @ aPinkGlove - where were you, what were you doing?!

Tänään tulee kuluneeksi 15 vuotta prinsessa Dianan kuolemasta. Ällistyttävää! Eikä ainoastaan siksi, että muistan tuon kyseisen aamun 15 vuotta sitten kuin eilisen päivän, mutta myös siksi, että huomaan olevani a) 15 vuotta vanhempi ja b) selviytyneeni hengissä (sic), en ainoastaan tuolta kohtalokkaalta Zürichin reissulta, mutta myös omalta itseltäni!

                                                              Paul Anka - Diana

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