11. elokuuta 2012

One Summer and Mosquitos

This summer has been awfully rainy. It has been raining like every second day – I hate it.
This summer we had (have?) lots of mosquitos, too. I read in the newspaper this morning that we might even get more mosquitos later on in the fall if the weather stays humid (wet?) and warm as it is today.  I don’t know which ones are the worst: rainy summers or mosquitos? I guess my life sucks pretty much right now having both, eh...

This song puts a smile on my face, though. It takes me back to California.
And it represents my summer of 2012.

”(Go go go! ) Turn up the beat, yeah
(Oh oh oh! ) I wanna feel it
(California) Don't you wish that you could come?
Cause we're never going home till the summer's all gone

The Sun goes down, the friepit's leep
It's another summer night here in the OC
Well, I know a baller but I do have an Impala
And I might say 'hey' but I'll never say 'holla'.”


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