6. lokakuuta 2012


While surfing on the Internet I came across this amazingly interesting network, AngelMule. AngelMule is an online network that enables regular travelers to spend a portion of their vacations delivering much-needed goods to impoverished communities, in exchange for authentic, one-of-a-kind experiences. Current proposals include used wheelchairs, kids toys, vaseline and multi vitamin in exchange for real Balinese experiences such as a visit to a Balinese family where you will have Balinese coffee with Balinese goods. At AngelMule you can also find proposals like ”muling” pet care products in exchange for puppy petting in Bali, and Fazer’s Pantteri Black Shot in exchange for a walk in Sydney.
It’s up to you, the traveler, to set up a time to deliver the goods and to use common sense in regards to safety, but AngelMule thoroughly vets all nonprofits and allows you to connect via secure messaging. Check it out www.mmmule.com. And, please, bring me sunshine and hot temperature in exchange for blueberry muffins!

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