25. lokakuuta 2012

That Time of the Year - again

Dammit, it's t h a t time of the year, again. 
Instead of four seasons we should have five seasons. Between autumn and winter there should be something like "almost winter but not yet". That would give me a little more time adjusting to darkness (24/7), coldness, and the coming winter. Now, it's all coming just too fast. I mean, like, two months ago I was (almost?) able to walk barefeet and wear sunnies and t-shirts. Now I haven't even polished my Uggs.

In some parts of Finland it's snowing - right now. And "that part" isn't too far from here, 160 kilometers. So, please, save me and take me somewhere hot. I don't care where but, please, hurry!
On our morning walk with Ukko. Can you find him?
In this photo you can see both water and ice if you look closely enough.

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