2. tammikuuta 2014

tbt (2.1.2014)

Well, what can I say? 
A thousand words? 
Just one photo?

This photo was taken on our prom night in '95. I'm wearing a gown that my host grandma had sewn a couple of centuries ago. She used to work as a costumier at the Universal Studios... 

I still remember us hunting for that perfect dress in Los Angeles, California. We went in to like a thousand stores and boutiques and came back Canoga Park empty-handed. We just could not find anything that would fit me, or something that I liked. And then we had a look at grandma's closet and I found t h e dress.

Yeah, I do know that my dress stands out in the crowd. But all the other girls got their dresses at the stores that I didn't... I still have that gown in my closet at my parents'. And it fits me, and (don't tell anyone) I try it on every once in a while just to make me feel pretty.

Say "hi" to Yanina, Saori, Narisa, Akiko and all the others!

That's me on the right - hello there!
The best part starts at 1:28.

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