3. tammikuuta 2012

the Mask

One of my most valuable goods is this old wooden mask. I bought it less than a year ago at a local antique store. It’s from the 19th century, and in a very good condition. It’s quite heavy and you can put it in your head – really! I think it must have been worn in rituals to hide one’s personality. I did try to look for further information on my piece but couldn’t really place it in any specific historical background. It seems to me that there are lots of wooden masks out there, huh?! Most of them are new, sold at tourist spots.

When I first saw this piece it was love at first sight. I mean I love antique but am more used to the Finnish rustic style of the early 20th century. But since I already had some other masks at my house I decided to purchase it. Don’t ask how much I paid for it ‘cause I ain’t telling you!

I have been making up stories about my mask being used by this great warrior sacrificing his life for something even greater. Too bad we don’t get to hear stories these kind of antique pieces have in them. It’s mostly just guessing and story-telling. But, what I am sure of is that this mask will go where ever I go – and have at least my personal history with it.
He looks kind of sad, doesn't he?

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